Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter, Happy Spring: 1926 Style Show Contest

Happy spring to all, and here is a peek at fashion from 1926 that I hope will help you forget about any unseasonal spring weather you may be experiencing.

This wonderful find, a "Style Show" catalog from the Sharood Company, a mail order house located in Minneapolis, features spring and summer fashion for 1926. The cover is graced with a lovely frock with ribbon ties at the neckline, cuffs, and hips.

Check out the new spring fabrics and colors for 1926!

Here are the prize winners in the style show contest! First prize of $500 is quite a generous prize for that time period. Well it would be a decent prize today! I find the number of prize winners very interesting - and generous. Imagine all those happy customers who won a prize.

And here is the grand prize winner - with her winning letter, and the response from Sharood's. 

To make it easier, here is an enlarged view of her letter. I love the details of the ensemble she chooses and her rationale for her choices of coat, dress, hat, hose, and shoes.


And here is "her prize winning costume". Totally lovely! I think the coat and the hat are my favorites. And the colors - "pencil blue" and gray - I really like the color combination. What do you like about the winner's ensemble? And any guesses on what color "pencil blue" actually is? ;)


  1. This is just so lovely and the lady who won is just so sweet in her description of both herself and the outfit she's chosen. I can just imagine her sitting there composing her letter, really thinking about each piece and their details. The coat is definitely my favourite part. I imagine pencil blue to be a darker version of airforce blue, sort of a light navy with a grey tone. Love this post!

    1. I agree with your overall assessment! Such careful attention to "becomingness of one's type" is so charming. And your description of pencil blue is perfect - it is how I imagine it as well. Thank you for your thoughtful comment!