Friday, November 6, 2015

In Search of Style: A Natty "Mad Men" Blazer

A rare event: this "In Search of Style" is for a man's pattern!

The clipping: In a 1961 men's jacket pattern was tucked this clipping of a sharp blazer from a Sears catalog. Straight from the Mad Men era, this crisp jacket has slim lapels and a fine fit. So manly! And I love that little reference to "Neatniks" at the bottom of the page - haha!

The pattern: And here it is, Advance 9954, with the men looking very Don Draper-esque in pose and in fashion. :) This handsome sport jacket has the same lapels as the clipping, and the same cut-away hemline in front, though the pattern goes with patch pockets while the clipping features inset pockets. This pattern has very tailored details, including two-piece long sleeves for a perfect fit, and interfacing with both muslin and hair canvas. Shaping in the shoulders is well-detailed, and the back has contoured seams at the sides of the center. First rate!


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