Friday, April 24, 2015

Miss Lillian's Postcards: Vintage Tweets - July 22 1908

Postcard 34

Sender: Mrs. M.
Addressee: Miss Lillian McGuire, 1902 Terry Ave, Seattle, Wash. Flat G
Postmark: Sedro Woolley, Wash
Date: July 22, 1908
Image: At Eventide (ships at anchor) Marine Series No. 3807

This is a rather somber image, a photograph of ships at anchor, probably at dusk.

Dear Friend:
Am having a
nice time only
wish my friends
might share it.
Will tell you about
it when I return
Mrs. M.

My curiosity is piqued by this short missive from Mrs. M! Who is Mrs. M? The temptation is that it is Lillian's mother, but I think not, since she addresses Lillian as "Dear Friend". For that reason it also is not likely to be Lillian's sister, Mrs. Mueller (with whom Lillian is still living at this point in time, based on the address). So it must be a married friend, probably visiting the Pacific Northwest from the St. Louis MO area. The card was published in St Louis, but was mailed from the small town of Sedro Woolley, Washington, about an hour and a half north of Seattle (by today's travel methods, of course!). :)  She says that she will "tell you about it when I return", implying the journey will take her back to Seattle. I can only imagine what an outing like this would have been back in 1908 and Sedro Woolley was just a logging town. Click here to see a museum of vintage photos from the Sedro Woolley area.

Note that Lillian and her sister's family live in "Flat G" at 1902 Terry Ave in Seattle. How very British to refer to an apartment as a flat. We have lost the use of that term here in the United States.

A lovely blouse from 1907

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