Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Scraps from the Past - Embroidered Eyelet to Edge a Slip

This is the scrap I found in a pattern envelope for fabulous 50s slips - classic embroidered eyelet.

And here is the pattern - a great collection of slips for every occasion. In the 1950s slips were simply required lingerie for wear under every dress and skirt. This particular pattern was cut for the half slip, so you can guess that the embroidered eyelet trimmed the hemline. :)


  1. Hi! I was wondering if I could use this photo in educational materials I am creating for my English classes? I may also use the educational materials I create commercially in the future. I have been looking for an image of a half slip in the public domain that is also decent without much luck. And this photo seemed like a nice solution since I have found an old pattern image for a full slip in the public domain already - and both are decent. Thank you very much! Sarah

    1. Image Notification
      I've just found this disclaimer at the bottom of your page ---> The images in this blog are provided for educational purposes. These images are reproduced from my personal collection of vintage patterns, books, booklets and magazines on sewing and fashion. They are in the public domain with expired copyrights. I do not profit from these images. Images also include photographs sent to me by my customers and reprinted with their permission. The text and images are copyrighted by Midvale Cottage with all rights reserved, and may not be sold. <----- I'm not exactly sure which category of photos this image falls in although my guess would be that it is a photograph you took yourself of a pattern you had. In any case, I await your response. Thank you.

    2. Hello,Sara!

      You are correct - the image is one I scanned from a pattern that I had. And according to my disclaimer, images have expired copyrights from the original producers of the image, and this particular image is now mine. You absolutely have my permission to use the photo in your educational materials, for your classes now and for any future use, commercial or otherwise. It would be nice to receive credit in tiny print somewhere, though. :)

      Good luck with your English classes. And if you could find time to send me a sample of the educational materials that contains my image, that would be very cool.

      Kind regards,