Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back to School Vintage Pattern Blitz!

Whether you are thinking of getting the kids ready for school (didn't summer just start?) or not, it's only a month away. Back to school supplies and a new set of clothes?  It's time to get ready!

And to help you get ready, the Pattern Patter team on Etsy is hosting a Back to School Blitz on Thursday, August 1st from Midnight to Midnight wherever you are! As a member of the team, I welcome all shoppers to pop in and browse the listings that will come rolling in, many with special back to school discounts. Just click the button on the right to view the items being posted in this Back to School Blitz event.

If you visit my shop during the Blitz, you'll receive a 20% discount on any child's pattern. Just use the coupon code "BTS2013"! Here's a preview of some of the children's clothing you'll see in my shop now and on the Back to School Blitz day:


  1. Very cute :). Over here the kids all wear uniforms to school - which are unfortunately kind of boring to sew!

  2. I wore a uniform all through elementary school to high school, so I know what you mean! :) My children didn't wear uniforms, though, and I think they grew up with a stronger sense of fashion than I did. ;)