Monday, September 10, 2012

Scraps from the Past: Summer Jammies in Blue Seersucker

This adorable pattern for one-piece jammies from McCall and 1942 can be warm for winter or cool for summer. The original seamstress left a square of fabric that left no doubt she sewed up these pajamas for summer.

Here is the light-weight, soft seersucker in a bright blue that was left in the envelope. It's easy to picture, isn't it? And do you think it was for a boy? :)


  1. Were these drop seat? I tried to tell by the size, but by age three some kids still need diapers at night. In any case they are darling!

  2. Sorry for my slow reply! Yes, indeed, these are drop seat pajamas. Cute! :) I think all one-body outfits, whether for children or adults (I'm thinking jumpsuits in particular) could benefit from drop seat design. Having to essentially undress to use the bathroom is so inconvenient. ;)