Sunday, May 13, 2012

Scraps from the Past - 1940s Candy Stripe Blouse

It's time for another great scrap from the past, and it is such fun to see what fabric the original owner chose for a pattern. Today's feature is this sweet jumper and blouse combination from Hollywood patterns and 1943, which came with a collar piece from the original seamstress. The fabric has the feel of cotton and may well come from a feedsack.

So, the seamstress sewed a cute red-and-white candy-stripe blouse to go with this charming jumper. Any guesses on the jumper color? The jumper is sweet too - note the underarm side button closing and the  swing-length dirndl skirt. Without a blouse, it makes a perfect summer pinafore sundress. I'd call it winning war-time fashion!

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