Sunday, January 1, 2012

Resort Fashions 2012 - Vintage, That Is

Welcome to Vintage Resort Fashions 2012 at Midvale Cottage! I'm going to start with swimwear, which by the 1940s look so timeless to me. Do you think it is because women started to enjoy more freedom as a result of their work in World War II? If so, it shows in their swimwear.

This fabulous image graced the cover of  Life magazine back in 1947. Notice the back fullness of the matching beach coat.

 And it doesn't get much more relaxing and simple than this! Described as "quiet and restful", this bathing suit was made by Brigance and cost $23.

This simple "brief overall" suit "is made without straps and is designed by Emily Wilkens. It is part of a three piece outfit and cost $20. 

So what swimsuits will be showing up in the coming days in the Midvale Cottage shop? Here is a peek!






  1. I'm thinking 1948 was a very good year!

  2. I couldn't agree more! Styles that look fabulous no matter what year!