Saturday, November 26, 2011

Necklines: The draped neckline

I hope this posting is one of many on the elements of clothing design, as expressed in vintage patterns. :) I'll just jump in and start with necklines.

As the holiday season has begun, the drape neckline is a great element to consider. The drape neckline is exactly as its name implies, featuring soft folds at the neckline. It is not a common neckline, and when I do come across it, the drape neckline invariably seems to be a designer pattern, and one for formal and evening wear.

Vogue Couturier Design 2775 (Valentino)

Advance 7914 (Anne Fogarty)

Vogue 5782

Draping can also be applied to collars to beautiful effect. This draped collar from Spadea is a great example.
 Spadea A-2147 (Anthony Blotta)

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