Saturday, July 23, 2011

Before and After "Hit Parade" - Picture-Perfect Sisters Dress Up 50s Style

The Seamstress: Stephanie Youngs
The Pattern: Vintage 1957 Butterick 8245 Girls Dress, Jumper, and Blouse

Stephanie chose this pattern to sew matching dresses for her daughters, Aubrey and Olive. 

The Result: Two adorable sisters looking picture-perfect in their beautiful 50s party dresses! 

In Stephanie's own words:
"Aubrey and Olive love their 50s style dresses! I love using older patterns because they are so simple and sew up quickly. I did, as many of us sewers do, make some changes to the pattern. Because my material was so light in color and weight I cut extra pieces and lined the top of the dress. My grandmothers especially loved the dresses because it took them back to the dresses their girls used to wear!"

The result shows true inspiration on the part of the Stephanie, when you compare it with the pattern illustration. The matching cummerbunds add the perfect finishing touch. Such cuteness - makes me want to hug these two!

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