Monday, April 4, 2011

The Blitzie!

Not long ago I listed an item from the 1940s and Vogue, which was labeled on the pattern as "Blouse-Shorts":
This rare (to me) pattern is what I have since found out is a "blitzie", a one-in-piece blouse with shorts (as in underwear, not outerwear). I found one definition from 1940: "Blitzies-is the name of a garment which combines blouse and pantie." I have found sales in vintage newspapers of the 1940s that list blitzies for sale along with shortalls, playsuits, and other women's garments.

Alas, none of these vintage newspaper ads includes an image of a blitzie. It is clearly an item distinct from a playsuit, however. Thoughts, anyone?


  1. In the early 70's we wore something similar for gym class.

  2. Indeed - in the 60s our basketball uniforms were one-piece outfits, with the shorts part more bloomer-like. As I recall, we girls weren't fond of them. :)

    The fact that the ads list the blitzie with other outerwear makes me think it is outerwear. Yet the "blouse-shorts" pattern drawing implies the model is going to put the slacks on over the "blouse-shorts". Such an interesting fashion puzzle!